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Ponder offers you piece of mind. We offer clean-cut and precise parts with competitive pricing and quick turnaround.  We pride ourselves on operating with lean manufacturing and pass those savings on to the customer. Ponder currently does extensive work with customers on the machine side.  We produce parts for companies who are building machines.  Flanges, machinery windows, base plates, etc… The flexibility of our process allows us to make many different parts for a variety of industries.

Industrial Automotive:

Architectural Products:

Bike Racks
Looking for one-of-a kind bike racks for your park, school, or downtown?  Ponder can help! With our Auto CAD program, we can cut virtually any design or logo. We are able to translate logos into amazing works of art that have a function. We are able to do all of this for a very reasonable price and a quick turnaround.

The racks start as an Auto CAD drawing, and once approved by the customer, our process begins. Typically, with all of the processing, we are working with a 4-5 week turn around before they are ready for delivery.   

Are you in need of installation? We also offer installation services as an additional step of the process. This service helps to offer piece of mind from concept to completion.  


Our tile services consist of cutting tiles for either a residential or commercial customer. With the waterjet precision, we are able to do more complex things than a typical tile company. 

Many of these projects have complex cuts that are not very easy to do on a typical tile saw. We can do more complex cuts, and we can do more pieces at a time. Because of this, our turnaround is fast and we are able to maintain efficiency and precision. Our ability to do more pieces at a time also allows us to be a step above the competition.

Usually our tile jobs consist of cutting tiles into large radiuses or tile floors that require smaller tiles for the job. Many of these have two different color tiles that have to fit the radius and also match up to each other.  With our process, we are able to do it much faster with better repeatability. We look forward to working with contractors and individuals for their at home projects.



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