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We can do more variety with our machine than any other. Our machine has a unique skill set that allows us to make virtually anything.  The flexibility the machine offers allows us to cut a large variety of materials.  Because of the ease of the machine, we are able to cut time and execute jobs on budget.

What are the benefits of waterjet? 

  1. Fast cutting speeds- Up to 150 inches per minute
  2. Can cut a large variety of materials
  3. Waterjet doesn’t create any heat affected areas vs a laser or plasma
  4. The accuracy is +/_ .005” 
  5. Waterjet cutting leaves no burns or thermal distortion
  6. Cleanup is minimal on the parts once completed
  7. We can cut materials up to 8 inches thick

We can provide waterjet cutting services for a wide range of materials, including:

Why is waterjet better than other methods? 

Plasma and laser are the main competitors to waterjet.  Plasma leaves a very rough edge so you have to take the parts and run a second process on the cuts. This rough edge calls for more time spent on processing parts. Extra time spent translates into more labor and the added cost is passed on to the customer.

Laser doesn’t allow you to cut the thicknesses that waterjet does. This means that a laser is limited to what it can cut, or there is additional time spent doing a second cut. Once again, this may call for more labor time, and the cost could be passed on to the consumer.  Also, a laser machine sometimes has trouble with aluminum and stainless because of the reflectiveness of the material.

Using a waterjet process omits any of these our precise methods without waste and the need for second runs, helps to make the machine run lean, and pass the advantage on to you. Paired with quick turnaround and minimal set-up time, we offer the flexibility you are looking for. Call us to discuss your specifications or e-mail your .DXF file and we will provide a quote.



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